Revolutionizing the Way Social Change Gets Done


Each year America’s corporate, government and nonprofit organizations invest $6.3 trillion into programs that aim to address some of the world’s biggest challenges, from poverty to climate change, hunger and much more. And yet, key indicators tell us that this massive investment is not paying off to the extent it can or should.


In an era where social issues have huge economic consequences, we can no longer afford to guess what works. We need to know.


Mission Measurement is the leader in social sector data and insights. We give influential decision makers a critical edge by connecting them to a new generation of research for standardizing, measuring and predicting social outcomes. Our unrivaled evidence base provides the foundation for more informed social investment decisions, leading to superior results for shareholders, stakeholders and society at large.

Cracking the Code on Social Change

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The patent-pending Impact Genome® lies at the heart of our work at Mission Measurement. Based on our proprietary Outcomes Taxonomy™ and the same algorithmic models used to predict personal credit worthiness and musical preferences, The Impact Genome® provides the industry’s most efficient means of standardizing, measuring and forecasting social outcomes – leading to dramatically improved results.


By subscribing to the Impact Genome®, you can quickly assess, improve and predict program success with greater precision and confidence. You can now compare one program to another, and improve program design based on evidence of what works. You can calculate the cost to produce a particular social outcome, like college readiness or job creation. And, you can continually optimize the return on every dollar spent.


Market efficiencies made possible by the Impact Genome® could save decision makers and taxpayers billions of dollars, and help millions of people from around the world to live better.


That is why we’re partnering with governments, private foundations and corporations including the Clinton Global Initiative, the Inter-American Development Bank, Intel, General Mills and 3M Corporation to develop and apply the results.


For more information on The Impact Genome®, please contact Sangeeta Brummitt.