Next Generation Social Impact Data

The biggest measurement challenge we face today is standardization. Since every social program is measured differently, the field can’t benchmark, predict or learn in a systematic manner.  Mission Measurement solves this problem by creating standardized tools to measure and compare social programs.



Benchmarking Social Change: The Impact Genome Project™

Using common outcomes and indicators from the Impact Genome®, funders, policymakers and nonprofit practitioners can now measure with consistency and comparability. Moreover, programs and grants can now be evaluated for a fraction of the cost, in a fraction of the time.


The Impact Genome™ offers the following benefits:


  • Standardized universal impact reporting
  • Benchmark data for comparison and learning
  • Portfolio analysis to demonstrate overall impact
  • Learning and capacity building for every program
  • A universal evidence base that enables literature reviews in seconds



For more information on how you can subscribe to the Impact Genome™ for your foundation, government or nonprofit, please contact us.




Benchmarking Corporate Sustainability: ESG-H Impact Data

Our ESG-H Impact data reveals the influence of corporate sustainability issues (Environmental, Social, Governance, and Health) on consumer purchase behavior. Unlike typical sustainability data, which measures compliance or risk exposure, our insights capture the positive economic value of sustainability performance. Our most recent study covers over 500 of the largest brands across 22 consumer categories, including Packaged Food, Restaurants, Retail, Financial Services, Telecom and others.


ESG-H Impact data offers a variety of stakeholders the following benefits:


  • A consumer-driven benchmark for corporate sustainability
  • Tools to test and maximize the success of corporate social impact initiatives
  • Brand-specific consumer insights that inform near-term growth models
  • Financially-relevant criteria for investors to implement values-based investing
  • A way for social activists to track the influence of their issues to consumers
  • Data to support corporate partnerships and funding



For more information on how you can obtain an ESG-H Impact data and analysis, please contact us.