Improve Your ROI on Social Impact

You are spending millions on social impact programs – but are you getting the best ‘bang for your buck’? We get asked all the time by policymakers, corporate executives, private donors and academics: “What works…?”  “How do we use evidence to design more effective programs…?”


Because we evaluate thousands of social programs around the world, and because we have developed the world’s largest evidence base of social science, the Impact Genome Project™, we know how to design the most effective social interventions.


Our consultants advise the world’s leading governments, foundations, multilateral institutions, NGOs and social entrepreneurs on how to measure and improve their social impact based on evidence.  We consult with organizations in two ways:



Outcomes Inventory™

Before you can improve your programs, you must first determine which outcomes they intend to achieve. That’s not always easy – many programs are defined by their activities, not their outcomes. And outcomes are often stated in idiosyncratic, non-standardized language.  In addition to assigning common outcomes to programs, we “size the outcomes” appropriately for each intervention and define success uniformly.  Too often, programs aspire to report outcomes that they were never designed to produce. Level-setting expectations is essential to maximizing success.



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Evidence-Based Program Design

Now that there is a universal evidence base of what works, we can use data to maximize the impact of social programs and policies. Whether you’re a corporation looking to improve the “return” on CSR strategies, a foundation looking to build grantee capacity to use evidence or a social program that wants to demonstrate efficacy to funders, we can help.  Our team of data scientists and social program strategists can help your organization design more impactful social initiatives, grants, policies and programs.



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