The Impact Genome Project™

Mission Measurement is the steward of the Impact Genome Project™, the world’s most advanced evidence base for social change.



The IGP aggregates and analyzes complex, fragmented, unstructured evidence (academic studies, program evaluations, impact reports, etc.) whose learnings are typically out-of-reach for social sector stakeholders. To-date, the Impact Genome evidence base includes evidence from over 10,000 studies, and is growing every day.


This knowledge is being made actionable through low-cost decision-support tools and services. Organizations now have the power of the evidence base in their finger tips. The Impact Genome does the analysis and number crunching for you, so you a have clear, concise inventory of social outcomes and the drivers of positive social impact.


The Impact Genome offers the sector the following benefits:


  • A universal evidence base to access all evidence on what works in every field
  • Standardized impact reporting to enable benchmarking and aggregation
  • Portfolio analysis to demonstrate overall impact
  • Learning and capacity building for every program



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