“The price of light is less than the cost of darkness.”

– Arthur C. Nielsen


We believe in the power of data to transform the business of social change. To shed light on solutions that save millions of dollars and improve countless lives. To help solve society’s worst problems not next Century or next Millennium, but now, within our lifetimes.


We see the need for a new generation of data. Today, social outcomes are measured only after investments are made. Tomorrow, we need to know what works before we spend a dime.


We exist in order to inform and empower those in a position to make a difference. To reveal new information, insights and quantifiable predictions that help their next investment go twice as far, for half the cost.


We know that money is not the problem. America has enough resources to solve its gravest challenges. What’s missing is the knowledge of how to allocate resources in the most effective way, and that is where we intend to help.


We envision a world where policymakers and program officers act like investors. Where value is attached to the social outcomes they produce. Where people can buy, sell and trade that value on an open market – driving up demand for demonstrable change on a scale never seen before.


We take a leading role in helping to create this world. We proudly collaborate with the public and private sectors, investors and philanthropists, scholars and entrepreneurs– all with an eye towards illuminating a world of change.