Arthritis Foundation 2015 Annual Meeting Keynote

The Arthritis Foundation’s Annual Meeting celebrates the organization’s accomplishments, saluting the dedicated volunteers and staff leaders who make it happen and share the organization’s vision for the future. As a special guest, Jason Saul delivers this year’s keynote on “Selling Your Impact”- below are keynote highlights focusing on how organizations can make an impact and better report results.



Keynote speaker Jason Saul discusses ways to translate the Arthritis Foundation’s activities into innovative outcomes that make a real difference in people’s lives.  In this video clip – “So What?” – Jason explains why we must bring the Champion of Yes culture alive.






Jason Saul talks about why the Arthritis Foundation should promote how we’re working harder to bring solutions to consumers faster. Jason reminds attendees what consumers want to hear about.






To learn more about this year’s meeting as well as the organization’s strategic direction and community impact, please visit the event site here.

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