Power of Yes: 2015 Arthritis Foundation’s Annual Meeting Keynote

Nov 19 2015




Speaking: Jason Saul


The Arthritis Foundation’s Annual Meeting celebrates the organization’s accomplishments, saluting the dedicated volunteers and staff leaders who make it happen and share the organization’s vision for the future.  Building upon the organization’s rich history, this event highlights the organizations’s focused efforts around the Arthritis Foundation’s four pillars: Scientific Discovery, Advocacy & Access, Juvenile Arthritis and Help & Support. As a special guest, Jason Saul delivers this year’s keynote on “Selling Your Impact”.


Watch the keynote excerpts here.


To learn more about this year’s meeting as well as the organization’s strategic direction and community impact, please visit the event site here.



American Evaluation Association Conference Panel and Lecture

Nov 13 2015


Speaking: Jason Saul


2015 marks the American Evaluation Association’s 29th Annual Conference and is taking place on November 9-14 in Chicago, Illinois. More than 30 Voluntary Organizations of Professional Evaluation (VOPEs), including AEA, EvalPartners, UN Agencies, and donor agencies have declared 2015 the International Year of Evaluation. Evaluation 2015 has been designed to honor this larger celebration by focusing on Exemplary Evaluations in a Multicultural World: Learning from Evaluation’s Successes Across the Globe.


Mission Measurement will be leading two sessions at this year’s AEA conference: a panel on predictive impact, featuring Inter-American Development Bank’s Yuri Soares, W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s Huilan Krenn, and the Heckman Group’s Rodrigo Pinto; and an expert lecture on meta-analysis and the creation of a universal evidence base.


For more information on our sessions, please visit the conference site here.


National Multiple Sclerosis Society 2015 Leadership Conference

Nov 6 2015


Speaking: Jason Saul


Each year, hundreds of outstanding volunteers and Society staff leaders from across the country join together at the Society Leadership Conference to celebrate, motivate, inspire, educate, share and network so we are equipped for the important work still ahead to end MS. At this year’s conference, Jason as the keynote speaker shares how organizations are stronger when they create — and demonstrate — their impact.


Watch the keynote here.


Learn more about the MS Society Leadership Conference here.

Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Partners with Mission Measurement to Tackle Microfinance in Latin America at This Year’s Foromic

Oct 28 2015

Speaking: Jason Saul and Leeatt Rothschild


The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has partnered with our firm to undertake a large research effort, to develop the Microfinance Genome, a results-based scoring tool that can unpack and predict “what matters” for microfinance results. To do this we have surveyed the existing evaluation literature, interviewed experts, and practitioners in microfinance, codifying this evidence and relating it to characteristics of interest, such as economic well-being, resilience and women’s economic empowerment. Microfinance has grown from an outfit financed by a few donors and philanthropic foundations, to a large and profitable industry, and the amount of international public and private funding to microfinance institutions has likewise increased dramatically. Mission Measurement and IDB will be hosting a Microfinance Genome Presentation at this year’s Foromic, the Latin America and the Caribbean’s most important annual event on microfinance entrepreneurship. For more information on the Microfinance Genome Project, read this blog post written by Yuri Soares, the Multilateral Investment Fund’s Chief of Development Effectiveness.



Event: Microfinance Genome Presentation
When: Wednesday October 28 from 7:45 to 8:45 am
Where: BordeRio, Av. San JoseMaria Escriva de Balaguer 64400, Vitacura, Santiago


Social Impact Happy Hour: Collective Impact

Oct 14 2015


Event Logo


Speaking: Pranav Kothari and Jason Saul


Are you looking for a fulfilling career? Do you want to understand the business of social impact? Do you aim to change the world?


Join Mission Measurement, Pranav Kothari and Jason Saul for a discussion about collective impact, a cross-sector approach to solving social problems. Through collective impact, communities develop shared outcomes and indicators across programs to identify practices that implement long-term, systemic change. As an expert in measurement and program strategy, Pranav will lead a discussion examining the framework of collective impact, its various applications, and how it differs from traditional collaborations across the public, private and social sectors. Learn more about how this approach is currently enabling communities to create local education ecosystems to support children and youth.


Whether you study social innovation or you work for a company, a nonprofit or a government entity, join our Social Impact Happy Hour to share your ideas and experiences and learn from ours. We’ll provide light refreshments.


Register here>>


CGI Annual Meeting: Mission Measurement’s Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Commitment Announcement Video on the Food Security Genome

Sept 28 2015



Since the Commitment to Action announcement by President Clinton at this year’s CGI Winter Meeting surrounding the Food Security Genome, our consortium members have continued to combine efforts to code this evidence-base, drawing from corporate, NGO, academic and government resources in order to quantify outcomes, identify key success factors and create critical benchmark data in this vital area through this cross-sector partnership. The resulting “genomic” model will turn decades of data into actionable insights that enable users to predict the efficacy and cost per outcome for any food security program.


To learn more about this initiative, please view the Food Security Genome Commitment Announcement video below from the 2015 CGI Annual Meeting last month.




16th Annual Symposium for Nonprofit Professionals and Volunteers

Jun 22 2015

Event Logo

Speaking: Sophie Walker




Social Impact Happy Hour

 Apr 20 2015

Event Logo


Speaking: Mats Lederhausen and Jason Saul


Are you looking for a fulfilling career? Do you want to understand the business of social impact? Do you aim to change the world?


Join Mission Measurement, Mats Lederhausen and Jason Saul for a discussion about how today’s capitalism rewards companies that embed social purpose into their operations and positioning.  Drawn from extensive experience creating, investing in, and building businesses, Mats’ underlying philosophy is that purpose inspires companies and individuals to succeed.  And, when driven by purpose, making money and innovating social progress are not only compatible, but mutually reinforcing goals that will win in the market.


Whether you study social innovation or you work for a company, a nonprofit or a government entity, join our Social Impact Happy Hour to share your ideas and experiences and learn from ours. We’ll provide light refreshments.


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Cause Marketing Forum Webinar: Using Social Impact to Drive Your Business

Feb 3 2015


Speaking: Perry Yeatman


Does your company invest good money in good causes and with good organizations but struggle to identify business value for the investment?


All too often, companies create social impact initiatives without enough consideration as to what they are really trying to achieve. Why is that and what can be done to change it?


To generate business value, every company should consider first and foremost what business impact they are truly trying to achieve. Reduced costs? Increased market share? Improved employee engagement? All of these can be achieved through social impact.  But they won’t be achieved using the same approach.


As a business leader, you need to be clear about what you are aiming for and then take the right steps to deliver it.  How can you determine which social strategies will actually deliver the business benefits you most value?


Learn how you can create more win-win campaigns, initiatives, partnerships and programs – efforts where both society and your company benefit. Join Perry Yeatman, a 25+ year corporate veteran, and now a Principal at Mission Measurement, one of the world leaders in measuring social outcomes in this highly interactive webinar and learn:


  • How to better define the business outcomes your social impact can drive
  • How to identify the social strategies that will maximize the specific business value you seek to create
  • How other firms have succeeded in developing social strategies based on both the “supply” and “demand” sides of social impact.


You Should Register For This Webinar If:


  • You work for a corporation seeking to deliver social impact with greater business value – from cause-marketing pros to CSR practitioners to community relations executives to corporate foundation heads.
  • You have questions about using social impact to drive business value. This webinar will be highly interactive and you’ll be asked to weigh in with your questions.


For more information and registration details click here.

Measuring Impact: Sustainability from Farm to Fork

Jan 29 2015


Speaking: John Hoeppner


From community gardens to your local Chipotle, interest in sustainable agriculture is growing. The issue raises a number of questions—How can we farm more sustainably? How do we educate people about the sources of their food? How can we create healthier communities? How can we measure the impact of our efforts?


Join Mission Measurement, Net Impact Chicago and other thought leaders at our gathering to discuss these questions and consider innovative ways to increase social impact and change the world. Whether you study social innovation or you work for a company, a nonprofit or a government entity, join us to share your ideas and experiences and learn from ours. We’ll provide light refreshments. For more information and registration details click here. 

Improving Measurement and Predicting STEM Outcomes: Building a STEM Genome Consortium

Jan 27 2015

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Speaking: Jason Saul, Perry Yeatman and Nolan Gasser


STEM education is crucial to our nation’s prosperity. Whether it’s corporations and foundations looking to produce and fund a pipeline of workforce talent or government initiatives aiming to raise the achievement level of American students, there is a broad interest in STEM education and persistence. The problem is we’re not sure which STEM programs really work and how to best invest resources to produce the STEM outcomes we need.


Mission Measurement is convening a consortium of organizations to catalogue existing evaluation research and to create a common language of universal outcomes for STEM. The research will enable the sector to understand the outcomes and cost per outcome programs will deliver– before they even begin. This STEM Genome is an initiative of the broader Impact Genome Project™, a systematic method to quantify the factors that drive social outcomes and improve program effectiveness.


The webinar is free and open to those interested in learning more about creating universal measurement standards for the STEM sector. Funders and providers of STEM programming that then join the STEM Genome Consortium will share data and expertise that will contribute to the R&D initiative underlying the STEM Genome. In exchange for their support, consortium participants will receive early access to R&D findings and will be able to apply standardized outcomes, codified efficacy factors, and benchmarks to their existing and pending STEM investments.


This consortium, under Mission Measurement’s leadership, aims to innovate the current approach to measurement in order to dramatically increase the impact of STEM programming, while also lowering costs.


• Jason Saul, Founder and CEO, Mission Measurement
• Nolan Gasser, Ph.D., Chief Genomic Officer, Mission Measurement and Architect of Pandora’s Music Genome Project
• Perry Yeatman, Principal and CMO, Mission Measurement


For more information and to register click here.

Webinar: Measuring and Communicating the Value of Integrated CSR

xNov 20 2014


Speaking: Perry Yeatman

Ensuring that your key internal stakeholders have a clear understanding of the value your integrated corporate social responsibility efforts bring to your organization requires effective measurement and communication.


This webinar, part of the Measuring and Communicating the Value of Public Affairs Webinar Series, will teach you:


  • How to measure your CSR efforts — and the value of coordinating those efforts internally
  • CSR’s value as a driver of corporate culture
  • What internal and external stakeholders are looking for you to measure and discuss


How the story of your integrated CSR journey can engender support from senior leadership, employees and the communities you serve. Register here>>

Booth Social Impact Consulting Panel

Nov 14 2014

Speaking: Sophie Walker


Social Impact Consulting Panel. How do consulting firms impact society through their work? Don’t miss this opportunity to meet some of the top leaders in social sector consulting! Speakers will include leaders from Bain & Company, Bellwether Education Partners, Civic Consulting Alliance and Mission Measurement.

CGI Microfinance Impact Genome Development Consortium

Nov 12 2014

Speaking: Perry Yeatman


The Clinton Global Initiative is hosting a webinar to help convene a Microfinance Genome Consortium. The webinar is free and open to funders, practitioners and others interested in creating sector-wide universal measurement standards for microfinance. The work is part of the Impact Genome Project. Click here for more information or to register

Net Impact Conference

Nov 6 2014


Speaking: Jason Saul

The Net Impact Conference is the leading forum for students and professionals who want to tackle the world’s toughest social and environmental problems. This year, we’re ready to break boundaries—leaving limits behind, forging unexpected alliances, and exploring creative solutions—to transform the world.

Companies and Causes Canada

Oct 28 2014


Speaking: Sue Tobias

Based on our experience working with leading Corporations, Foundations and Nonprofits we have found that cause-marketing issues and partnerships are too frequently selected for the wrong reasons – such as a CEO’s pet project or heavy lobbying from potential partners or recipients. All too often, little consideration is given to aligning with consumer demand and company fit. Sue Tobias will present on how companies can avoid this trap, and measure ROI and social impact.






NGB Best Practices Seminar

Oct 21 2014


Speaking: Jason Saul


The NGB Best Practices Seminar was established to help foster valuable working relationships among the National Governing Bodies and the United States Olympic Committee. The seminar allows individuals from various NGBs to collaborate among themselves on best-practice standards that work for them.

Family Firm Institute

Oct 16 2014


Speaking: Jason Saul


While in the past maximizing profitability at any cost was the primary objective, markets and investors are recognizing the impact Environmental, Social, and Governance [ESG] factors have on long-term organizational health. An increasing body of literature is showing companies that exhibit responsible behavior as it relates to ESG factors may actually outperform traditional market benchmarks over time. Who is driving change at the corporate level, how are asset managers implementing these themes, and how are investors incorporating their values into portfolios? Join us for a panel discussion that will shed light on these questions. The panel will present multiple perspectives on current trends in ESG impact measurement and investing. Register here. 

Using Big Data to Predict Social Impact

Sept 30 2014


Speaking: Jason Saul Nolan Gasser


Evaluation has been a necessary evil for most nonprofits—expensive, time-consuming, impractical, and yet an absolute pre-requisite for funding.  But is there a better way?  The paradigm of evaluation is moving from retrospective, academic research studies to predictive, algorithmic measurement.  With the advent of the Impact Genome Project, we have entered an era of using “big data” to predict social outcomes for most charities and social programs.  As a result, the field can dramatically lower the cost of evaluation and increase its utility to funders and practitioners.  The benefits of predictive data are alluring: benchmarking, better understanding of success factors, more rational resource allocation, improved results.  But there are risks: How reliable are the data?  Will measurement stymie innovation?  Can data be misused?


Join Jason Saul, founder and CEO of Mission Measurement and a leading measurement expert, and Nolan Gasser, architect of Pandora’s Music Genome Project and former professor at Stanford University, to discuss this groundbreaking new approach.  Learn how you can engage in this exciting work and turn measurement into a competitive advantage for your organization.


This webinar is for anyone in the social sector—funders and practitioners, nonprofit professionals and government officials—who wants to take control of measurement and use data to drive better outcomes.  Webinar registrants will have the opportunity to ask Saul and Gasser questions during the portion of the session, which will be moderated by Michael Slind, senior editor of the Stanford Social Innovation Review.


Click here to register and view the free recording

Corporate Citizenship Conference

Sept 10 2014


Speaking: Perry Yeatman
Business engagement in communities is stronger than ever. They invest time, resources, and capital to help make the world a better place. But how do we know whether these efforts have been truly successful?


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Corporate Citizenship Center’s 2014 conference is focused on results. In today’s world, companies must ensure that every dollar spent is meaningful, that every employee volunteer opportunity is worthwhile, and that every investment shows a return. There is more pressure than ever from corporate stakeholders to show meaningful outcomes. From philanthropy to shared value, from sustainability to governance, from partnerships to employee engagement, companies must ensure their work is driving measurable, lasting impact.





Washington, DC

NTEN Leading Change Summit

Sept 3 2014


Matt Groch, Director of Solution Delivery at Mission Measurement, will offer a keynote called Moneyball for Social Impact, Or how I learned to stop worrying and embrace the implications of a discrete closed-loop factor analysis framework for social impact. How do we measure social change?