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Philanthropy Hour Podcast: Jason Saul on Measuring Social Impact

by Greg Cherry– Mar 18 2016


Hosted by Greg Cherry, Jason provides a more detailed look into the metrics and algorithms that drive Mission Measurement, and why it is such a crucial component of lifting the social sector, and improving organizations. For as long as the social sector has existed, funders and change agents alike have remained in the dark when it comes to measuring real performance and impact. How do we crack the code of social impact, and create a real, mainstream economic currency for the value of social change?


Listen to highlights and the full podcast here.


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National Health Council Leadership Conference Interview with Jason Saul

The National Health Council is the united voice for people with chronic diseases and disabilities and their family caregivers. Each year the NHC gathers leaders from the patient advocacy community to discuss emerging issues in the health community and ways to strengthen their respective organizations. At the 2016 Health Leadership Conference, Jason Saul, Founder and CEO of Mission Measurement, discussed the importance of defining, measuring, and communicating your organization’s impact.





Learn more about the NHC and the Health Leadership Conference here.



Arthritis Foundation 2015 Annual Meeting Keynote

The Arthritis Foundation’s Annual Meeting celebrates the organization’s accomplishments, saluting the dedicated volunteers and staff leaders who make it happen and share the organization’s vision for the future. As a special guest, Jason Saul delivers this year’s keynote on “Selling Your Impact”- below are keynote highlights focusing on how organizations can make an impact and better report results.



Keynote speaker Jason Saul discusses ways to translate the Arthritis Foundation’s activities into innovative outcomes that make a real difference in people’s lives.  In this video clip – “So What?” – Jason explains why we must bring the Champion of Yes culture alive.






Jason Saul talks about why the Arthritis Foundation should promote how we’re working harder to bring solutions to consumers faster. Jason reminds attendees what consumers want to hear about.






To learn more about this year’s meeting as well as the organization’s strategic direction and community impact, please visit the event site here.

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National Multiple Sclerosis Society 2015 Leadership Conference Keynote

Each year, hundreds of outstanding volunteers and Society staff leaders from across the country join together at the Society Leadership Conference to celebrate, motivate, inspire, educate, share and network so we are equipped for the important work still ahead to end MS. Jason Saul presents a keynote at the National Multiple Society Leadership conference,  sharing how organizations are stronger when they create — and demonstrate — their impact.




Learn more about the MS Society Leadership Conference here.



CGI Annual Meeting: Mission Measurement’s Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Commitment Announcement Video on the Food Security Genome

Sept 28 2015



Since the Commitment to Action announcement by President Clinton at this year’s CGI Winter Meeting surrounding the Food Security Genome, our consortium members have continued to combine efforts to code this evidence-base, drawing from corporate, NGO, academic and government resources in order to quantify outcomes, identify key success factors and create critical benchmark data in this vital area through this cross-sector partnership. The resulting “genomic” model will turn decades of data into actionable insights that enable users to predict the efficacy and cost per outcome for any food security program.


To learn more about this initiative, please view the Food Security Genome Commitment Announcement video below from the 2015 CGI Annual Meeting last month.





The Food Security Genome Announcement- CGI 2015 Winter Meeting

The Food Security Genome is part of the Impact Genome Project®. It is led by Jason Saul, Founder and CEO of Mission Measurement and Nolan Gasser, Chief Genomic Officer at Mission Measurement and famed architect of Pandora’s Music Genome Project™. Joining Mission Measurement in this effort are eight initial Food Security Genome Consortium members. They include leading corporations/corporate foundations (General Mills Foundation, Tyson Foods, etc.) and leading NGOs (Capital Area Food Bank, CARE, Heifer International and Share Our Strength).


At the 2015 Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Winter meeting, President Clinton announced a new Commitment to Action designed to increase the impact of food security programs. A cross-sector partnership, The Food Security Genome, will systematically code the vast evidence-base drawing from corporate, NGO, academic and government resources in order to quantify outcomes, identify key success factors and create critical benchmark data in this vital area.