Cause Marketing Forum Webinar: Using Social Impact to Drive Your Business

Feb 3 2015


Speaking: Perry Yeatman


Does your company invest good money in good causes and with good organizations but struggle to identify business value for the investment?


All too often, companies create social impact initiatives without enough consideration as to what they are really trying to achieve. Why is that and what can be done to change it?


To generate business value, every company should consider first and foremost what business impact they are truly trying to achieve. Reduced costs? Increased market share? Improved employee engagement? All of these can be achieved through social impact.  But they won’t be achieved using the same approach.


As a business leader, you need to be clear about what you are aiming for and then take the right steps to deliver it.  How can you determine which social strategies will actually deliver the business benefits you most value?


Learn how you can create more win-win campaigns, initiatives, partnerships and programs – efforts where both society and your company benefit. Join Perry Yeatman, a 25+ year corporate veteran, and now a Principal at Mission Measurement, one of the world leaders in measuring social outcomes in this highly interactive webinar and learn:


  • How to better define the business outcomes your social impact can drive
  • How to identify the social strategies that will maximize the specific business value you seek to create
  • How other firms have succeeded in developing social strategies based on both the “supply” and “demand” sides of social impact.


You Should Register For This Webinar If:


  • You work for a corporation seeking to deliver social impact with greater business value – from cause-marketing pros to CSR practitioners to community relations executives to corporate foundation heads.
  • You have questions about using social impact to drive business value. This webinar will be highly interactive and you’ll be asked to weigh in with your questions.


For more information and registration details click here.

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