Does the secret to social impact measurement lie in algorithmic data?

by Claudia Cahalane– Apr 11 2014

The principles used to predict someone’s credit score or music taste can be used to predict social outcomes, according to a data expert speaking at the Skoll World Forum in Oxford.


In a sector increasingly being driven towards measuring its outcomes, Jason Saul’s product, created with the assistance of a musicologist at Pandora, uses former learning on social projects to assess how likely it is that social programmes will have desired results.


The Impact Genome Project, expected to be available at the end of the year, has a database of 78,000 “outcome data points” and will analyse the result of what would happen when these points are put together in different combinations.


Saul, the American founder of Mission Measurement who has previously started several non-profits, said that working with Nolan Gasser, a chief musicologist at Pandora, a US project that makes suggestions of songs based on a user’s previous choices, has been key to putting the Impact Genome Project together.


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