Improving Measurement and Predicting STEM Outcomes: Building a STEM Genome Consortium

Jan 27 2015

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Speaking: Jason Saul, Perry Yeatman and Nolan Gasser


STEM education is crucial to our nation’s prosperity. Whether it’s corporations and foundations looking to produce and fund a pipeline of workforce talent or government initiatives aiming to raise the achievement level of American students, there is a broad interest in STEM education and persistence. The problem is we’re not sure which STEM programs really work and how to best invest resources to produce the STEM outcomes we need.


Mission Measurement is convening a consortium of organizations to catalogue existing evaluation research and to create a common language of universal outcomes for STEM. The research will enable the sector to understand the outcomes and cost per outcome programs will deliver– before they even begin. This STEM Genome is an initiative of the broader Impact Genome Project™, a systematic method to quantify the factors that drive social outcomes and improve program effectiveness.


The webinar is free and open to those interested in learning more about creating universal measurement standards for the STEM sector. Funders and providers of STEM programming that then join the STEM Genome Consortium will share data and expertise that will contribute to the R&D initiative underlying the STEM Genome. In exchange for their support, consortium participants will receive early access to R&D findings and will be able to apply standardized outcomes, codified efficacy factors, and benchmarks to their existing and pending STEM investments.


This consortium, under Mission Measurement’s leadership, aims to innovate the current approach to measurement in order to dramatically increase the impact of STEM programming, while also lowering costs.


• Jason Saul, Founder and CEO, Mission Measurement
• Nolan Gasser, Ph.D., Chief Genomic Officer, Mission Measurement and Architect of Pandora’s Music Genome Project
• Perry Yeatman, Principal and CMO, Mission Measurement


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