Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Partners with Mission Measurement to Tackle Microfinance in Latin America at This Year’s Foromic

Oct 28 2015

Speaking: Jason Saul and Leeatt Rothschild


The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has partnered with our firm to undertake a large research effort, to develop the Microfinance Genome, a results-based scoring tool that can unpack and predict “what matters” for microfinance results. To do this we have surveyed the existing evaluation literature, interviewed experts, and practitioners in microfinance, codifying this evidence and relating it to characteristics of interest, such as economic well-being, resilience and women’s economic empowerment. Microfinance has grown from an outfit financed by a few donors and philanthropic foundations, to a large and profitable industry, and the amount of international public and private funding to microfinance institutions has likewise increased dramatically. Mission Measurement and IDB will be hosting a Microfinance Genome Presentation at this year’s Foromic, the Latin America and the Caribbean’s most important annual event on microfinance entrepreneurship. For more information on the Microfinance Genome Project, read this blog post written by Yuri Soares, the Multilateral Investment Fund’s Chief of Development Effectiveness.



Event: Microfinance Genome Presentation
When: Wednesday October 28 from 7:45 to 8:45 am
Where: BordeRio, Av. San JoseMaria Escriva de Balaguer 64400, Vitacura, Santiago


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