Impact Genome® Virtual Program Evaluation

Evaluate Any Program Using Evidence Based Analysis



Using the Impact Genome®, any current or future social program can be evaluated within seconds by matching its “DNA” (or program features) to the evidence base of other rigorously evaluated programs.


This unlocks valuable insight without a formal, longitudinal study which can take years and cost millions of dollars:

  • How effective is the program? What outcomes does it produce?
  • Which program activities (“genes”) drive impact?
  • What program design changes would increase impact?
  • To what extent is the program evidence-based? What supporting evidence exists?
  • How does this program compare to others aimed at similar outcomes?
  • What is the quality and reliability of the impact data the program collects? Is there opportunity to         improve?


In addition to a detailed report, each Impact Genome Program Evaluation comes with a 1-page executive summary offering a digestible snapshot of the program and its impact; great for donors, executives, and board members.


User Benefits

  • Implementers: improve program design and measurement to increase impact
  • Foundations: evaluate the potential of new or existing programs pre-funding
  • Impact Investors and Social Finance: incorporate expected social impact into ROI calculations
  • Social Entrepreneurs: prove the impact of innovative new initiatives



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