Evidence On-Demand™

Answer any research question with rigorous evidence and meta-analysis


Using Evidence On-Demand™ (EOD), social impact research questions can be quickly answered by leveraging the Impact Genome’s vast knowledge base and research team. This saves weeks or even months of time while ensuring questions are rigorously and comprehensively answered.



EOD can be used to answer a variety of questions, including:


  • “Should I incorporate parental involvement into my early childhood education program?”
  • “We want to expand our youth leadership program, what are evidence-based programs that we

 can replicate or learn from?”

  • “What are evidence-based best practices for implementing hands-on learning into my model?”



User Benefits

  • Foundations: develop and support new investment strategies
  • Researchers: compile comprehensive literature reviews
  • Consultants: provide evidence-based strategy advice
  • Governments: research and develop new programs



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