Impact Strategy & Measurement Consulting

We live in a “measure or be measured” world. Thriving requires well-defined goals and a strategy for measuring impact


If you are a government, foundation, CSR department or nonprofit, your success will be measured in outcomes. Your stakeholders (boards, donors and funders) are looking for this data to inform decisions.


Mission Measurement brings your organization answers to these questions using rigorous evidence. We put you in the driver’s seat of your own fate, and empower you to measure and report your organization’s impact.
Here’s how we help:


1. We help you define measurable outcomes using evidence and industry standards

2. We help your organization translate program activities into outcomes

3. We help you track and report impact to stakeholders


Sample measurement engagements include:


  • A Fortune 500 CSR department wanted to measure the impact of its corporate social responsibility efforts on consumers. We identified the social outcomes that mattered most to consumers and benchmarked the company’s performance against its peers.
  • An innovative global charity wanted to prove the effectiveness of its model to funders so that it could secure grants and standardize the impact measures it reported to different funders.
  • A large private foundation wanted to conduct a portfolio analysis and “roll up” the impact across all of its grantees so that it could produce a look-back analysis from the last 5 years of its grantmaking.
  • A corporate foundation wanted an outcomes-based giving strategy that could inform grantmaking and reporting to its board.



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