Impact Genome® Reporting Platform & Portfolio Analysis

Final reporting made simple


The biggest challenge we face today in measurement is consistency and standardization. Since every social program is measured differently, the field has not been able to measure and benchmark outcomes across programs or grants.


The Impact Genome Reporting Platform is a comprehensive final reporting platform that generates better data for less effort:


  • Programs fill out one final report for all their funders, reducing burden
  • Funders receive a Portfolio Analysis for their grantees, with portfolio impact by outcome,

individual program performance, and benchmarks


FACT: The typical grantee spends 20+ hours on grant monitoring, reporting, and evaluation for each funder. Impact Genome® reporting can be completed in <1 hour, and is updated once annually.


Portfolio Reporting can be used to manage program or grant portfolios, assess grant applicants for portfolio fit, and demonstrate ROI to stakeholders.


User Benefits

  • Foundations: consistent grantee reporting and board accountability
  • Government: standardized program reporting and resource allocation
  • Multi-Site Implementers: program management and benchmarking
  • Impact Investors: compare investments and aggregate portfolio returns
  • Financial Advisors: value-added data for clients and donors



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Impact Scorecards™

Standardized one-pager showcasing a program’s success


Impact Scorecards tell a comprehensive story of a program’s design and impact, so every current or prospective funder can fully understand how and why a program works.


Each Impact Scorecard combines self-reported data with insight from the Impact Genome® to create a compelling one-page snapshot of a program, including:


  • Program Overview – overview of the program, including description, budget, and target


  • Outcome Profile – which universal outcomes does the program aim to achieve
  • Performance Summary– key metrics including reach, outcomes produced, and Cost per Outcome.
  • Program Design Analysis – how well the program’s activities align to evidence-based best 


  • Benchmarks – how does the program’s performance compare to similar programs


User Benefits

  • Foundations: assess grant applicants and showcase grantee performance to executives and

board members

  • Non-profits: tell your impact story to potential donors
  • Impact Investors: evaluate the social impact of potential investments



For more information and pricing, please contact us.